Potential Applications

LabPatch has a wide range of potential applications.  Here are some examples:

  • Continuous monitoring of diabetesglucose
  • Heart damagetroponin
  • Concussion detection (and recovery monitoring) in contact sports and the militarymicroRNAs, tau, S100B
  • Tracking absorption of medications and neutraceuticalsvarious analytes
  • Monitoring therapeutic efficacy, for both research and clinical purposesvarious relevant analytes
  • Managing sleep disordersmelatonin
  • Evaluating treatment of anemiahemoglobin
  • Monitoring substance abusersalcohol and drugs
  • Preventing use of performance-enhancement drugs during sporting eventshGH, anabolic steroids, stimulants, diuretics
  • Tracking exposure to hazardous substanceschemicals and metabolites
  • Optimize athletic training and performancelactate
  • Fertility timinghormones
  • Calibrating medication doses in individual patientsmedication levels
  • Tracking patient prescription-compliancemedication levels
  • Detect risk of jaundice in newbornsbilirubin
  • Monitoring patient status – electrolytes
  • Early infection detection during epidemics and for health workersviruses and the proteins they produce, bacterial exotoxins